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BRoW4  Bike Run or Walk 4
Q. Is the event a race? No, our events are all about having fun and taking part with friends and family. Q. What should I wear? Please wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for the event that you are taking part in. If you’re on a bike, cycle helmets must be worn. Please also consider the weather conditions. Q. Can I get a refund? No, all registrations fees are non-refundable. Q. Can I bring family and friends to watch? Yes, they are very welcome. They can also register on the day if they want to join you. There will be activities that will keep the young people entertained, and the older ones amused. Q. Is there parking available? Yes, there is parking available, at Ferry Meadows with the first hour £1.50 then an additional 50p for every hour you stay. Q. What choices of activities can I do? You have the choice to Bike, Run or Walk. you can even bring a dog to accompany you. Q. What are the distances I can do? There is a 5km, 8km and a 12km track.  Please feel free if you can do more. This is the minimum we are asking for. Q. How do I know what track is for me? Once you have registered at the table marked with your chosen event. Bike, Run or Walk. A marshal will direct you to your starting point. Q. Will I receive any additional information before the event? Yes, You will receive a letter of confirmation of your registration which you will need when you approach your local air ambulance for a sponsorship form and a t-shirt. Then two weeks before the event, we will send out a pre-event pack via e-mail or mail. This will include confirmation of your entry, direction maps with parking and venues details Q. Is there an age limit? There are no age limits at all, only your own physical fitness. Q. Can I leave my bag somewhere while I take part? Yes, we have a drop  tent at our event for a small charge of £1.00.

FAQ for BRoW4 events at Ferry Meadows