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Q. Do I have to take part in all four activities? No, you can choose to Bike Run or Walk with or without your 4 legged friend. Q. Do I need to keep my dog on its lead? Whilst you are taking part in an event organised by BRoW4 you need to keep your dog on its lead at all times. You are also responsible for cleaning up after your dog. Q. Is there parking available? Yes, there is parking available at Hinchingrooke Country Park - a 6 hour maximum stay. £1.00 for 2 hours, £2.00 for 6 hours, Disabled free Q. Will I receive any additional information before the event? Yes, You will receive confirmation of you registration, plus a sponsorship form should you wish to use it.  Two weeks before the event we will send out a pre-event pack either by mail or email, this  will include confirmation of entry, a directional map of the route you will be taking during your event, and a  map of the venue. Please Note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not permitted to have inflatables, catering or ice-cream vans at Hinchingbrooke Country Park until further notice. If you have , or know someone who has any other form of entertainment to keep the children occupied please can you let us know. We may have some one who has hook-a-duck and sand art.

FAQ for BRoW4 events

at Guildenburgh Water, Whittlesey  

Risk Assessment & Safety Procedures for all Stall Holders

  Stall holders are to ensure all stalls, gazebos and any other equipment is in a  safe condition, and used for its intended purpose only. Gazebos are to be securely anchored at all times. In the event of high winds, stall holders are to ensure objects will not fly off the stalls, becoming a hazard to the general public Stall holders supervising games are to ensure adequate safety  equipment and procedures are in place to prevent danger to the public. Providers of inflatable equipment, rides and attractions are to ensure all equipment is maintained in a safe condition. Safety control management of the equipment must be in place. Generators are to be situated in safe areas, preventing access by the public. Stall holders are to report and hazards that arise during the event to the volunteers wearing yellow  Hi-Viz Vests. Stall holders are responsible for keeping their area tidy and free from rubbish and littler at all times.

FAQ for BRoW4 events

at Ferry Meadows

· Q. Is the event a race?  No, our events are all about having fun and taking part with friends and family Q. What should I wear? Please wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for the event that you are taking part in. If you’re on a bike, Cycle helmets must be worn. Please also consider the weather conditions Q. Can I get a refund?  All registrations fees is non-refundable. Q. Can I bring family and friends to watch?  Yes, they are very welcome. They can also register on the day if they want to join you. There will be activities that will keep the young people entertained, and the older ones amused. Q. Is there parking available?  There is parking available, with the first hour £1.50 then an additional 50p for every hour you stay. Q. What choices of activities can I do?  You have the choice to Bike, Run or Walk. You can even bring your dog with you to Run or Walk. Q. What are the distances I can do?   There is a 5km, 8km and a 12km track.  Please feel free if you can do more. This is the minimum we are asking for. Q. How do I know what track is for me? Once you have registered at the table marked with your chosen event. Bike Run or Walk. A marshal will direct you to your starting point. Q. Will I receive any additional information before the event?  Yes, we will send out a pre—event pack via e-mail or mail two weeks before the event. This will include confirmation of your entry, direction maps with parking and venues details. Q. Is there an age limit? There are no age limits at all, only your own physical fitness. Q. Can I leave my bag somewhere while I take part? Yes, we have a drop off tent at our event for a small charge of £1
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Q. Do I need to be able to scuba dive? Yes, you need to be a Qualified Open Water Junior or above Q. Can I get a refund? No, all registration fees are non-refundable. Q. It there parking available? Yes, there is limited parking available for a small charge. Q. Is there availability of a Buddy diver? Yes. Just let us know in advance that you need one and one will be provided for you.. Q. Can I bring my family and friends to watch? Yes, they are very welcome. They can also register on the day if they are a qualified Scuba Diver. There will be activities that will keep the young people entertained, and the older ones amused. Q. Are there changing facilities? Yes there are changing and shower facilities.. For more information about Gildenburgh Water, please go to

FAQ for BRoW4 events

at Hinchingbrooke Park